Glasgow Magic Circle
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Club Past Presidents

1997/1998 Alan Duncan Sr
1998/1999 Alan Duncan Sr
1999/2000 Alan Duncan Sr
2000/2001 Alan Duncan Sr
2001/2002 Alan Duncan Sr
2002/2003 Alan Duncan Sr
2003/2004 Ian Macdonald
2004/2005 George H. Colvan
2005/2006 George H. Colvan
2006/2007 George H. Colvan
2007/2008 George H. Colvan
2008/2009 George H. Colvan
2009/2010 George H. Colvan
2010/2011 George H. Colvan
2011/2012 William Guldberg
2012/2013 William Guldberg
20131/2014 George Colvan
2014/2015 George Colvan
2015/2016 Jim Stewart
2016/2017 William Gibson
2017/2018 William Gibson
2018/2019 William Gibson

A Brief History of Glasgow Magic Circle

Founded in 1997 and originally called The Glasgow School of Magic, we were born in the back room of the "Annakadabra"
Magic shop in the High Street Glasgow.

From our inception we forged a new approach in club magic throughout Scotland. Unlike others we opened our doors to
youngsters, and what rewards they have brought us.

"Scottish Young Magician of the Year"
Winners 1998, 1999, and 2000 brother and sister act Kenneth and Catriona Hay.

Edinburgh Magic Circle Young Magician Close-up competition
Winners 1999 Ryan Cosgrove, 2001 Matthew Toal, and 2002 Craig McAuley.

Scottish Association of Magical Societies (SAMS) "Max Raskin Trophy"
for Children's Entertainment
Winner in 2000 eight year old Alan Duncan Jr.

Scottish Association of Magical Societies (SAMS)Trophy" for Stage
Winner 2003 David Benedict.

SAMS "Alexander Cannon Trophy in 2000 and 2002 for the Scottish Club
recognized as having contributed most to magic in the preceding year.

Our interview panel provides a fair and unbiased verdict on all applicants from aged eight upwards. The club prides it self
on being friendly, helpful and above all entertaining and we all participate eagerly in shows for various
charities and hospitals.

During the years we have produced and staged shows in theatres, schools and church halls resulting in more than. 10,000 being raised for good causes throughout Scotland.

Our move to Next Generation in Anniesland allows the club to continue to plan for more exciting shows and events for the future. An excellent venue with superb facilities.

From our humble beginnings the club has grown into a true force on the Scottish magical scene. With a growing membership, a superb venue, talented youngsters, and innovative creative magicians on hand throughout the year, our future looks assured.

Magic has been around for thousands of years but with the recent advent of books and films such as Harry Potter and
Lord of The Rings its popularity is spreading rapidly. We believe that, in the West of Scotland at least, we are helping to
spearhead the way forward for future generations of aspiring magicians.

Below are the badges used by the club. The middle badge "Tree Design"
was only used during the year of our first convention but was considered to
elaborate for club sweatshirt's and badges.
The third badge was adopted in 2003.

Clubs First Badge The Convention Year Badge Our Current Badge 2003

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